The Hurricane gets Rocked

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

Sugar Shane looks like he was caught in the eye of a Hurricane.

For those unaware, late last week Shane Helms and his girlfriend were involved in a motorcycle accident.  By all accounts, it was a pretty bad one; Jim Ross wrote that he heard they were lucky to be alive.  Helms suffered a broken leg, ankle, and nose in the accident, and received over 200 stitches on top of that.  Since the mishap, Helms has tweeted a few pictures of his battered face.  The one to the left was captioned “Me vs. Manny Pacquiao” so at least he seems to be in good spirits.

Velvet Sky, who dated Helms for years in the past, has launched a Twitter account (@VelVelHoller) for the sole reason of trying to generate charity for the former Superhero of the WWE.  Since Helms’ only source of income is his in-ring work and now he’s laid up in a hospital bed, she’s requesting that donations be made via Paypal to help cover Shane’s medical expenses and cost of living.  Matt Hardy’s also spoken out on the topic via video blog, which you can watch below.  Although he opens the home movie by talking about Helms, he eventually meanders into offering some life advice to all those watching.

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