Smackdown Preview, 5/6/11

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

Randy Orton aims to capture the World Heavyweight Title tonight on Smackdown.

Just five days after winning the World Heavyweight Title for the first time at Extreme Rules, Christian will defend his Championship against Smackdown’s biggest draft acquisition Randy Orton.  Orton and Christian were a tag team on last week’s show, but you can bet that they will be doing everything in their power tonight to ensure a victory over the other.

Sheamus, fresh off of being defeated by Kofi Kingston for the United States Title and surely enraged by the loss, will be tangling with another former United States Champion in the form of Daniel Bryan.  Sin Cara will also be in action, taking his high-flying assault to fellow cruiserweight and former Raw employee Tyson Kid.  Layla, less than a week removed from sending her ex-BFF Michelle McCool packing, will meet Alicia Fox in a divas match.  Lastly, in a highly anticipated grudge match, The Big Show will go toe-to-toe with the Corre’s powerhouse Ezekiel Jackson.

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