My name….my name is I stink!

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A lot annoys me about the WWE…A LOT!   But over the past couple of months, two people have really gotten on my nerves.  I hate having people shoved down my throat, and I hate when people are flat-out repetitive.  Coincidentally, two of the WWE’s biggest storylines over the last few months have involved both of these things.  And what’s worse, one of them isn’t even a wrestler.

Lets start off with Alberto Del Rio.  This isn’t hard to figure out; just another guy pushed too far too fast.  As a wrestling fan, I find it hard to believe that someone who I never heard of  a year ago can come in and go toe-to-toe with what are supposed to be the best in the world.  Rey Mysterio, Christian, and Edge are huge name guys that Del Rio has either beaten or beaten up.  I understand the need to make new stars, but the WWE has to stop with the automatic push to the top thing already.  Fans really aren’t buying it.  I thought Del Rio was amusing at first, but now every time he walks out and says his stupid catchphrase and tries to generate heat with his boring ass promos it makes me yawn.  You’re rich, you’re Mexican, and its you’re destiny to be good.  We got it.

Number two on my hit list is Michael Cole.  I really liked his slow heel turn in the beginning.  It happened so gradually that the hatred for him was allowed to grow on its own.  And I actually think he pulls off being the heel play-by-play guy rather well, as opposed to the heel color guy that were used to.  By the by, the heel color guy is still better, but I digress.  My annoyance with Cole started a few months before Wrestlemania.  Usually, any given wrestler will get about 5-10 minutes of mic time per week just to hype the feud that he is currently in.  Cole’s problem is that he has 4 hours of mic time!!!  And hearing Cole constantly put over his own stupid feud and ignoring the action in the ring for 4 hours every week makes me want to slam my head through a brick.  I’ll admit his manager type stuff with Swagger is entertaining.  But hearing him yammer on non-stop is making the WWE even harder to watch.  Plus, he’s spending way too much time in the ring instead of calling the action.

WWE, TNA, Wrestling

All the hype leading up to Wrestlemania was fantastic.  But as soon as the show was over, the WWE seems like they are clueless.  I will touch more on that later this week and next.  But, as far as Del Rio and Cole go, their time is done as far as I’m concerned.  It’s amazing, in only 8 short months, Del Rio has apparently done everything and feuded with everyone on Smackdown, which warrants his move to Raw.  Wow, maybe he really is as good as the WWE wants us to believe he is (on a side note, he isn’t).  And Michael Cole seems to have no way out of his Lawler feud.  Are we going to have to hear 3 or 4 announcers yell over each other every week?  Not to mention Cole putting himself on the same level as wrestlers for 2 hours straight is awful.  I know its done as a joke, but come on.  Cole is non stop annoying, and Del Rio is being treated like he’s the best thing ever.  Who wants to bet that his first feud on Raw will be with Cena?

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