This Day in Rasslin’ History: Get the “F” Out

In 2000, the World Wildlife Fund took the World Wrestling Federation to task for the use of WWF as the company’s initials.  While the two organizations had coexisted with the identical abbreviation since 1979, the Wildlife Fund claimed that Vince McMahon’s Federation violated an agreement that had existed between the companies in regards to international use of the initials.  In reaction to the litigation, the World Wrestling Federation officially became World Wrestling Entertainment on May 5, 2002.

On this date, was redirected to, and every logo on the site was changed from the Attitude Era scratch design to the one that the WWE currently uses.  In accordance with the change, the WWE launched the “Get the ‘F’ out” campaign to raise public awareness of the modification.  The World Wildlife Fund, unsatisfied with the changes, attempted to win $360 million in damages, but the case was ultimately dismissed.  Regardless, it was on this date, May 5, almost a decade ago, that the WWE got the ‘F’ out.

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