Greatest Video Eeeeeever: A Video’s Worth 6.2 Million Words

WWE Production Crew

WWE aired one heck of a tribute video for the Rock this week on Raw. When the package ended, it was almost shocking not to see “RIP Dwayne Johnson 1972-2011” considering the emotional nature of it. Clearly the WWE is courting the Rock to make a full-time return. A look at his IMDb page shows that his commitments to Hollywood will most likely prevent that from happening, but that video surely made things more difficult. If you’ve read our reaction to Raw and our rare Smackdown spoilers reaction, you’ll notice that no one here at ProRasslin is overly impressed with the WWE right now. The storylines are weak and repetitive. The lack of wrestling is disappointing. The roster is split between guys who are under-utilized and guys who are over exposed. But if Monday proved anything, it’s that WWE’s video production crew is just as impressive as they’ve ever been. That brings us to this week’s Greatest Video Eeeeeever….

Title: The Best Wrestling Promo Ever!
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That was more enjoyable than Raw! In order to make a video package with that intensity several ingredients are needed. First and foremost, the orignal content must be there. From Edge walking through smoke to the various ominous images of the Undertaker to the fitting archive footage. Secondly, you need a strong performer. At this time, Edge’s mic skills were at their peak and that peak was pretty high. The next thing needed is a compelling story. Hell in a Cell, check. An insurmountable opponent in the Dead Man, check. A man who will stop at nothing to be the best in Edge, check. A hardcore legend willing to challenge and incite a young star in Mick Foley, check. The final step is perfect editing and an amazing soundtrack. Got it!

That’s all you need and in this promo, the WWE had it. I don’t recall the original airing of this but it gave me chills. WWE’s current state lacks a few elements mentioned in the previous paragraph but with the quality production crew they have, they could make a feud between Gail Kim and Tyler Reks look this epic. Kudos to them for always delivering an impressive hype-video. Now if only the writers could make their job a little easier…

Nerd Note: The title is a play on ‘A Picture’s Worth 1000 Words’. The frame rate of video is 30 per second. So a 3:28 video has 208 seconds. 208 seconds x 30 pictures x 1000 words. That’s 6,240,000 words for the 3:28 video. 

One thought on “Greatest Video Eeeeeever: A Video’s Worth 6.2 Million Words

  1. production values aside and just between edge and foley…..that promo is how you get shit done. that is how you increase your buyrate.

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