A Pint-Sized Plunge

Ryan’s “What if?” post earlier today has me waxing sentimental over how awesome Mr. Kennedy was.  In the midst of his push, I can’t tell you how many times I shouted his name (self-produced echo and all) at some pub patron in the wee hours of the morning.  It was just so fun to say; Mr. Anderson doesn’t roll off the tongue quite as effortlessly.  In addition to reminiscing about good times with Mr. Kennedy’s catchphrase, I’ve been thinking about how much I truly despise Hornswoggle, the little fellow who ended up filling the role of VKM’s illegitimate son that was originally intended for the man from Green Bay.  I thought of how many times during the past few years I’ve rolled my eyes at his antics.  I thought about his name soiling the Cruiserweight Title lineage, and I thought about all of the airtime he’s stolen from deserving talent.  And then I thought about how much I enjoy watching him get beat up.

Which leads me to WrestleMania 23, where my affection towards Mr. Kennedy and my contempt for Hornswoggle collided when the former delivered a Green Bay Plunge to the little goblin from off of a ladder.  This is far from news, and it’s admittedly not relevant to today in professional wrestling…but it is a grown man squashing Hornswoggle like a bug.  So that counts for something.  Enjoy Sheamus booting the little guy in the dome as an added bonus.

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