It’s Damn Real

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The most celebrated real athlete in WWE (or TNA) history.

The year was 1996 when Kurt Angle won an Olympic Gold Medal, and now, over a decade and a half later, he’s at least considering trying to do it again.  In a recent interview with Pittsburgh’s WTAE Channel 4 Action news, Angle (42) admitted that he and his nephew Mark (34) have discussed the possibility of making a run at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.  Mark, like his uncle, was an All-American wrestler at Clarion University.

“It’s not just this old man trying to lash out to get publicity.  It’s about really making the team and making a point that, you know what, the 40s is not old. It’s the new young. I feel really good at 42, and I might be making a statement that him and I are going to start training for the Olympics and go after the U.S. Open, the Olympic team trials, and then the Olympics.”

Angle, who was granted his release from the WWE in 2006 due to health concerns, has been the subject of concern in the past due to the belief that he pushes himself to a dangerous degree.

“Everyone asks me, ‘How can you do all of these things?’ And I always tell them I’ll rest when I die. I don’t rest very much. I like to do things, I like to accomplish things, and I have a passion for everything that I do, including pro wrestling, and I miss the Olympic wrestling.”

In the same interview, Angle admitted that if another movie role arises before he begins training, it could potentially derail his Olympic effort.  Angle can currently be seen in Dylan Dog: Dead of Night, which is in theaters now.  For the sake of Kurt Angle’s well-being, I hope he winds up on the silver screen instead of on an Olympic wrestling mat.  Let’s hope that if another movie role does come his way, though, that it’s a little better than his last exploit.

3 thoughts on “It’s Damn Real

  1. i am a huge angle fan, hes near the top of my all time list. if he says hes going to make the olympics then my money is on him to make the olympics. there is no doubt that he is a deranged individual though. ive read a lot about angle and even more about benoit and the similarities between the two are pretty shocking. i dont think that angle has benoits mush brain (yet) but i wouldn’t be surprised if something terrible happened and they did an autopsy and found serious problems.

    remember a month or two ago when they found angle on the side of the road and he said that a snow storm drove him off the road but all weather reports had no snow that day? that was the literal storm cloud that has followed angle around forever. his fucked up childhood with his father (think brian wilson beach boys or papa joe beating on michael jackson) morphed him into some ultra human. broken neck olympics!!! this was before the wrestling bumps have driven him insane haha.

    he did talk about going back to the olympics in his book like 11 years ago, and he always talks about mma, he likes to talk a lot of shit.

    dylan dog looks like the biggest piece of shit ever, but i cant wait to watch it on netflix. it looks like it at least doesn’t take itself very seriously, unlike priest or suckerpunch or any horrible movie thats “visionary” or adapted from some mediocre graphic novel.

    • I agree dude. He’s got such a drive that if he says he’s going to train for the olympics, I think he can push himself to get there. But he is absolutely, indisputably insane. Before his most recent arrest, I remember a couple years ago there being a report about the police being called on him for reckless driving, and when they showed up at his door the next day he supposedly answered with a mouthful of pain pills. The man is an absolute machine, but he’s also completely nuts.

      I’d hope that something (like his film career, anything really) distracts him from the olympics, because it’s certainly going to be averse to his health for him to start intensely training. I’m thankful that he’s never made the jump into MMA that you mention – he’s one of the best wrestlers of our generation, and I don’t want to see him doing anything that will shorten his career.

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