Smackdown Breakdown: A Viper’s Friday Night

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The faces of Friday night.

Last week was the WWE’s annual draft, and as a result, thirty superstars have new homes.  Friday night marked the first Smackdown since the shakeup, which meant the presentation of the Blue Brand’s new additions, as well as some farewells for those headed to Raw.  Jason Davis delves into all the action in this week’s Smackdown Breakdown after the jump.

SmackDown! this week was from Greensboro, North Carolina.

Randy Orton/Opening Segment – Randy Orton opened up the show to a humongous roar of applause. Once in the ring, Drew McIntyre and Alex Riley tried to show Orton who was in charge on SmackDown, but Orton dominated with RKOs. Soon Del Rio and Big Brodus were out but Christian came out to even the odds. Teddy Long made a tag main event for later.

Davis Dish: Wow what a pop for Orton. Question: is there anyone on Smackdown that is even of Orton’s caliber? Maybe we see new faces appear in the main spotlight?

Sheamus vs. Kofi Kingston – Sheamus didn’t even let Kofi get through his entrance before bulldozing over him at ringside. Once in the ring he delivered a brutal Brough Kick for the pin.

Davis Dish:  Ok, I said it last week and I’ll say it again, what did Kofi do to deserve the recent beat downs? How is heading to the Mother Show going to help him if his recent showings are public beatings? Here’s hoping his recent draft to RAW gets him the change he needs.

Sin Cara vs. Jack Swagger – This wasn’t the first time these two have met, so Swagger was looking for some payback. Sin Cara held his own and Michael Cole gave Swagger a foreign object but before he could use it Sin Cara rolled him up for the pin.

Davis Dish: Well, Sin Cara is still awesome. The leaps this man can take are amazing. I’m glad someone got the upper hand on Fake Angle, I mean Jack Swagger.

Big Show & Kane vs. Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater – Show and Kane dominated Gabriel and Slater in the rematch for the titles. Both delivered their chokeslams to win the match.

Davis Dish: Wow, really? That was worth the air time? I hope the tag division gets a major overhaul with this  recent draft. Remember the days of The New Age Outlaws? The Road Warriors? The Rockers? Ah! I got it! Once we got the “F” out we “F”orgot how tag titles are supposed to be! Ok, Ok, it makes sense now…. Come on.

Rey Mysterio vs. Mark Henry – Rey opened up thanking everyone for the years on Smackdown. Mark came out and told Rey it was a shame that his farewell match was Henry’s debut. Once Henry was in the ring, he mauled Rey. Rey got very few shots in as Henry dismantled him.  Cody Rhodes hit the ring and took it to Rey, giving Rey a DQ victory while Henry walked off laughing.

Davis Dish: What in the hell? We now have a heel Mark Henry. Ok. I dig that. But after a dominating match he is ok with someone interrupting it and causing him to LOSE the match? I’m glad Rey is switching to RAW because I’m sick of this Rhodes junk.

Layla vs. Michelle McCool – The opening moments of this “match” were contested in the ring before the bell was even rung to officially start it. Then, almost immediately, the divas were at ringside being counted out. Afterward Layla laid down a match (ha! See what I did there?!) for Extreme Rules, no count out and no disqualifications. McCool accepted on the terms of loser leaves WWE.

Davis Dish: ALL RIGHT! A bathroom break already planned for the PPV! Seriously, we all know McCool is married to the Undertaker. She isn’t leaving, unless she is pregnant and I missed that. Ugh. The women’s division.

Randy Orton & Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio & Brodus Clay – Highlights of the main event were Del Rio staying clear of the in-ring action and wanting no parts of Orton, a not so pretty-could-have-been-awesome-move by Christian from the top rope, and a thunderous RKO on Big Brodus by Orton for the pin.

Davis Dish: Well, in my opinion, after that match, RAW will have both the WWE and World Titles come Monday Night. Christian was not spectacular in my opinion and I believe that’s what the move from the top rope was supposed to be. I bet Vince had not written out the winner for Sunday’s match yet, saw that, and said “Del Rio gets the title Sunday”. I see no way Christian wins, there is no way we have a boring Champion that can’t generate a pop. It’s sad though, he deserves it, but I think its past Christian’s time to finally be in the main event. We shall see how it pans out Sunday night at Extreme Rules. PG Extreme I may add. Till next week!

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