Beyond Wrestling

While at King of Trios last weekend, I was lucky enough to stumble upon a merch table promoting the Ohio based Beyond Wrestling.  Beyond Wrestling is unique in that it’s closed to the public – you won’t ever be able to attend the next DVD tapings.  Instead, the matches that take place in Beyond Wrestling do so in front of other wrestlers.  There is no locker room, no ticket gate, no distraction; just wrestlers wrestling in front of other wrestlers.  This experimental concept is meant to foster growth amongst the talent, as they can try new and unconventional techniques in their matches without the concern of how a paying audience is going to react.  Since the ringside area is filled with other wrestlers, it also serves as a great way for guys to have their matches critiqued by others within the industry.  Wrestlers helping each other improve and grow as entertainers is a big theme in Beyond Wrestling.

The good folks at Beyond Wrestling were kind enough to supply me with a DVD of some of their work, which I plan to have a deeper review of early next week.  Until then, I encourage all of you to check out Beyond Wrestling’s YouTube channel, where an entire free match is posted each and every week.  Be sure to visit Beyond Wrestling’s official website while you’re at it to browse the roster, review some past results, and most importantly, purchase some DVDs.  They’ve got some really wonderful ideas happening over there, and as always, I encourage you to support the independent wrestling scene (conventional or otherwise) anyway you can.

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