Smackdown Breakdown: Climbing the Ladder to Destiny

The new #1 contender, Alberto Del Rio.

This week’s Smackdown saw a WrestleMania rematch, a number one contender to the World Title crowned, and an appearance by the WWE’s newest resident high-flyer.  Jason Davis is back to dissect all of the action from Friday Night’s premier Sports Entertainment program in the second installment of his Smackdown Breakdown.  Follow the jump for his complete recap and review.

SmackDown! this week was from Charlotte North Carolina. It opened up with Alberto Del Rio’s music.

Edge/Alberto Del Rio Opening Segment: Del Rio stated that destiny can be delayed but that it can still arrive too. As he was talking, a tow truck pulled in with his Rolls-Royce that Edge had fun destroying at WrestleMania. Edge said that Del Rio had his chance, and that there are plenty of people in line for a title shot.  He banged on the roof of the tow truck and Christian emerged. It was decided that Del Rio vs Christian for the #1 contendership would be the main event.

Davis Dish: With everything having Christian in it leading to WM, why was he not added to the card there? Is he still on Vince’s crap-list? He beat the #1 contender already, since when has a person had to do that twice?

Big Show, Kane, Kofi Kingston & Santino Marella VS The Corre: Next up we were treated to yet ANOTHER match with Big Show, Kane, Santino Marella and Kofi Kingston. It was a 2-out-of-3 falls match, and after splitting the first two falls, it ended with The Corre being DQ’d and all of the other side hitting their finishers.

Davis Dish: I hope this was the last time we have to sit through this. Have they not any other storylines or ways to utilize this group of Superstars? Ugh, enough is enough already.

Cody Rhodes VS Trent Barreta: Next we had Cody against Trent. Good match up until Trent hit Cody in the face, then all bets were off as Cody went to town on Trent. As Cody was roughing him up Rey Mysterio came out to get Cody, but the Dashing One ran away.

Davis Dish: So far both RAW and SmackDown have had what seems to be all of the feuds from WrestleMania continuing? I thought the “Grandest Stage of Them All” was were they came to an end?

Beth Phoenix & Kelly Kelly VS Michelle McCool & Layla: Short Match, Kelly Kelly wins by pinfall. After match tension was shown between LayCool.

Davis Dish: Here we go again, another showing of a breakup. I feel bad for the Diva’s. I really do. The so-called best ever Diva has a WM return to be in a jobber match with Snooki, and they can’t even get the crowd behind them in a match. If I were one of the Tough Enough Diva-Wannabes I’d think twice.

Michael Cole and Jack Swagger: Cole said the same things he annoyed us with on RAW. Swagger took the mic and spit all over it saying that Cole was the Headliner, and that he had a triumphant victory at WM. Both Cole and Swagger went to take victory laps, but they were thankfully interrupted by Sin Cara, who launched a high-flying attack on the All American American.

Davis Dish: So is this awesome Superstar we see a RAW or SmackDown guy? He can definitely move in the ring. The jump from the floor to the ring is the most amazing ring entrance I have ever seen. My problem is while on SmackDown, that is sorta Rey Mysterio’s turf. I think an interaction is needed. But in my opinion, a match with him and Sheamus would work better, especially since Sheamus has Gold around his waist.

Alberto Del Rio VS Christian in a No. 1 Contender’s Match: Edge sat in with the SmackDown announce team while Christian and Alberto Del Rio put on a good match. Christian held the upper hand for most of the match. Once Christian got distracted by Edge’s Spear to Brodus Clay outside the ring, Del Rio kicked him in the head and picked up the win.

Davis Dish: With Christian holding his own in this great match, and the match at Extreme Rules being a Ladder Match, I foresee it becoming a Triple Threat. But that is only my opinion. Overall it seems like after WreslteMania, WWE is lost as for where to go. Hopefully this is all just fallout from Sunday. We shall see next week.

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