Last Call for Scott Hall

As you’ve probably already heard, Scott Hall was at it again this weekend.  Booked to appear at a Top Rope Productions show on Friday night, Hall arrived at the event in a condition that made Jeff Hardy look like a real Sober Sally.  There are videos of the whole ordeal on YouTube right now, and while it’s presently unknown what he was under the influence of, one thing’s for sure: he was absolutely wasted.

Hey *hiccup* yo.

Before the show, Hall was to take part in a meet and greet with fans, which is where the above picture was taken.  According to first hand accounts, the Bad Guy was “incoherent and belligerent” during the event, falling asleep at one point, and his signature looked more like a line than it did his name.  After the meet and greet, the wise folks at Top Rope Productions decided to let Scotty appear on the show as planned.  How prudent.  The nWo founder was helped to the ring by two men, unable to walk on his own.  After they physically lifted his legs one at a time through the ropes and got him into the ring, it became even more apparent that Hall had no idea what was going on.  Although the show he was working was in New England, Hall seemed to believe that he was in England, as in the United Kingdom.  He used the British slang insult “wanker” because “that’s what you people say here,” and went on to say that he traveled all the way to the UK to see the fans there.  Towards the end of the main event, which featured fringe Kliq member Justin Credible, Hall delivered the laziest punch I’ve ever seen in my life to Credible’s opponent.  He then promptly fell into the ropes and was carried out of the ring.

Perhaps the most ridiculous aspect of all this is the stance Scott Hall’s camp has taken on the matter.  He was hospitalized earlier this week, and early reports indicated that it was for a drug overdose.  According to his publicist, however, he had actually been hospitalized due to low blood pressure.  Now, after the fiasco this Friday night, Hall has been hospitalized again, and his people are claiming that it’s for treatment of cardiac issues.  Hall himself is evidently upset that the iPPV company for which Friday’s event was shot still intends to use the footage of him on the show.

I’m as a big a Scott Hall fan as you’ll find – he was my favorite wrestler through most of the 90’s (until Chris Jericho’s WCW Cruiserweight Title reign elevated him to the top spot.)  My heart goes out to the guy, he’s obviously got some problems he needs help with.  But come on, Scott.  You’re upset that people are reporting that you showed up to a wrestling show tanked beyond belief?  You’re going to claim that your hospitalization has nothing to do with substance abuse?  I don’t know if I should pity you or be offended by your insulting disregard to your fans.  Grow up, dude.

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