Wrestling Wives

Here Kitty Kitty Kitty...

News broke this week of a new reality series being developed entitled Wrestling Wives.  As you can probably deduce, the show will focus on a number of, well, wrestling wives.

Sharmell Sullivan (wife of Booker T), Jackie Gayda (wife of Charlie Haas), and Stacy Carter (ex-wife of Jerry “The King” Lawler and current wife of Sinn Bodhi) will be the centerpieces of the show.  All three women have a history in the wrestling business on their own as well.  Sharmell is a former Nitro girl who spent some time valeting, first for The Artist and Kwee Wee in WCW and later for her husband in WWE.  Jackie Gayda is a former Tough Enough contestant who did a fair share of valeting herself, managing the likes of Rico and her husband Charlie Haas.  Stacy Carter is a former WWE Women’s Champion, and is probably best remember for her exhibitionist exploits at a number of pay-per-view events.

The new show will be aired on VH1 and brought to us by the same people who do Pit Boss.  Word is that shooting has already begun in the Houston area, where Booker T runs a wrestling school that will be featured heavily on the program.  Speculation is that other famous wrestling wives will be making guest appearance during the course of the first season, which is pretty cool.  Torrie Wilson, Sable, and Terri Runnels seem like they’d be natural fits for the show, and I’ll have my fingers crossed for a Kimberly Page appearance all season long.

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