The End of Honor

This Monday night was a sad one, as it marked the last episode of Ring of Honor on HDNet.  Whether or not you were a fan of the show doesn’t matter, it’s a blow to the wrestling industry any way you slice it.  The fewer promotions with a national media outlet, the worse it is for our hobby as a whole.  I’m not trying to compare ROH to ECW, but it was similar in that it was a low-budget third company that offered an alternative to those tired of the Big Two.  Its removal from national television is a bitter pill to swallow.  The above video is a retrospective of the show, prominently featuring mainstream stars like Daniel Bryan and Shelton Benjamin, soon-to-be WWE superstar Tyler Black, and indy heroes like Austin Aries, El Generico, and the Kings of Wrestling.

Ring of Honor will live on through live events across the country, and if you aren’t already familiar with their wrestling, I encourage you to check them out if you have the opportunity.  They’ll hopefully be able to reach another TV deal in the near future, but until then, check out their DVD’s at the official ROH site.

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