Social Media Mania: A Day in the Life of A Former/Current WWE Employee

Now that Wrestlemania has passed, Social Media Mania will take a break from the Rock/Cena/Miz drama…until next year. As much as Twitter has become a place for the WWE Universe to play out, it also gives us a unique look at the personal lives of our favorite pro wrestling personalities. Last week we heard about John Cena’s feud with SouthWest Airlines. This week Kurt Angle bashed Orton’s use of the Olympic Slam then Punk hopped to his co-worker’s defense. Here’s a look at some of the other most (and least) interesting tweets of the week…

#5- Former WWE Divas Reunion

Looks like Torrie Wilson, Candice Michelle and Lillian Garcia are getting together. This is not news, but I’d like to let Torrie know that I’m available to hang this week!


#4- The Future…does not look bright

NXT and Tough Enough are supposed to be breeding grounds for the future of the WWE. Unfortunately for the contestants, Joey Styles and CM Punk are less than enthusiastic about the potential either show has to offer. Punk may just be playing the heel role, but if you watched Tough Enough Monday, he might just be being honest.

Styles’ knock on NXT contestants is piercing. As an ECW veteran, Styles knows what a future star looks like. After all, ECW employed over 2 dozen WWE superstars before they were WWE superstars. That number doesn’t even include all the guys who came in during the Invasion storyline! Time will tell whether NXT or Tough Enough will produce another Miz and Morrison or more Maven’s and Low Ki’s


#3- Jillian Hall Gags

BREAKING NEWS: Keep the iced tea away from Jillian Hall! Oh Twitter, you’re an endless source of important information.


#2- America’s Newest WatchDog(Face Gremlin) Group

There are literally thousands of watchdog groups that specialize in tracking what the government does. From pork barrel spending to politicians’ salaries, these groups make sure tax dollars are not being wasted. This week America’s newest interest group was introduced to the world via Twitter: Scott Steiner. Scott followed up the previous tweet with ‘Bcuz none of Bonds lies cost me or any americans money’. Duh judicial system, perjury doesn’t count as a crime unless it costs Scott Steiner money.

While Scott’s request for sporadic application of law is interesting, I think his concerns go a little beyond America’s tax payers. Bonds is on trial for perjury stemming from his congressional hearing regarding steroid use. I don’t want to make any accusations, but I submit to you Google’s top 5 suggested searches when you enter Scott Steiner:

Vested interest much?


#1- Eric Bischoff Consumes 1 Calorie For Every TNA Viewer

I won’t fault Eric for trying to eat healthy. I won’t even fault Eric for committing a huge social media faux-pas in linking his Facebook and Twitter. I will however fault Eric for TNA’s current state. By no means do I want to squash TNA. Quite the opposite actually. If TNA is good, WWE is forced to up their game. So two days after WWE’s biggest PPV of the year, Eric is sitting on Facebook telling the world about his diet. I wonder how many calories Vince McMahon took in today…

"I'm so hungry, I could eat a horse" -EB

One thought on “Social Media Mania: A Day in the Life of A Former/Current WWE Employee

  1. I do like that they appear to have freedom over what they can say. Although Michael Cole tweet’s last week @ Josh Matthews could force the WWE to have a talk with their employees about proper behavior…

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