WrestleMania 27 Reactions

WWE SnookiMania

Oh, what a magical Mania moment.

Let me preface this by saying that I like professional wrestling, and I like it a lot.  I would hope that’s obvious since I opened a site exclusively covering the topic, but I feel like I pan the weekly programming so much that I might come off as just a critic.  The fact of the matter is that watching wrestling is one of my favorite past times, whether it’s a glamorous pay-per-view event or a show in a high school gym.  I think it’s because I like it so much that it has the ability to conjure such strong feelings in me.  One of these feelings is disappointment, and I’m full of it right now.  If you liked WrestleMania 27 last night, you probably don’t want to hit the jump.  But if you’re anything like me and felt betrayed by last night’s fiasco, read on for my thoughts on the worst WrestleMania since last year’s WrestleMania.

Obviously, the Rock was the biggest draw last night, and in a lot of ways that was WrestleMania’s biggest flaw.  The crowd was dead during the WWE Championship main event, and it was hard to care about the match sitting at home when no one in the arena cared about it.  Everyone watching was waiting for the Rock’s music to hit, and as such, they couldn’t care less what was happening in the ring.  To make matters worse, when the Rock did appear, he squashed John Cena and The Miz.  He’s the host of WrestleMania.  The host.  Not a wrestler.  And he absolutely creamed the company’s top two performers.  And that’s how the show ended.  To me, it made no sense whatsoever.  I’m happy that The Miz is still the champ, but the main event and its aftermath were a gigantic letdown.

Triple H facing the Undertaker was probably the match of the night, although it fell short of the Undertaker’s battle with Shawn Michaels last year, as everybody knew it would.  Triple H used Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” during his entrance, which was a step up from Motorhead forgetting the lyrics to his theme the last time he and Taker met at Mania.  At this stage in the game, I can’t get excited during an Undertaker match at WrestleMania because I’m just so certain that he’s going to win.  Triple H hitting the Tombstone on Taker was a great spot, the unprotected chair shot to the head was awesome, and the multiple Pedigrees were just peachy too.  But every time he went for a cover, I would have wagered every penny to my name that Undertaker was going to kick out, and as a result, the match wasn’t all that exciting.  The sloppy triangle choke that ended the match left a lot to be desired too.  To be fair, this one was executed better than it looked on paper, it just wasn’t a match that I was personally looking forward to.

Edge retaining his title against Alberto Del Rio actually opened the show, which was unexpected but welcomed in my book.  It was a good way to get the event started with a bang, and I’m happy that Del Rio isn’t the champion just yet.  The match was actually a pretty good one, and I’m looking forward to these guys locking up again, maybe with Christian involved next time.  The aftermath, in which Edge destroyed Alberto’s ride, fell a little flat.  It looked for a minute that Christian was going to make his much-anticipated heel turn, but it was not to be.  Brodus Clay made history last night too, debuting the worst shirt ever worn in wrestling.  The front read “Brodus Clay.”  The back, “Sheee!”

The Michael Cole vs Jerry Lawler match was exactly like their feud: predictable, boring, and it ran too long.  It was actually painful to watch for a a while, and even induced a “boring” chant from the live crowd.  In the end, Stunners were a-flyin’ though, so all was good.  Swagger and Cole were both on the receiving end of the move, and when Booker T tried to join in Austin and King’s celebration, he got one too.  Booker’s sell of the Stunner was one of the best I’ve ever seen, and it alone redeemed this match.  Cole won via a reverse decision from the anonymous Raw General Manager, but I have to imagine he’s going to be booted from Raw regardless.  There’s absolutely no way that he and Lawler remain broadcast partners after this.

The grotesque Cody Rhodes in control of the ironically costumed Rey Mysterio.

Cody Rhodes going over Rey Mysterio was awesome.  I was pulling for Cody, but I had my doubts that he’d actually win the match.  The contest was pretty great, and Cody using Rey’s own knee brace to steal a victory was pretty perfect.  I’m hopeful that this feud will end here, but I suspect it’ll continue until Rey comes out on top at the end of it.  CM Punk and Randy Orton also put up an OK show, although the wrong guy won.  Orton is a well established face, and him beating Punk does nothing to further either character.  Orton cannot get more over than he is.  Punk winning, conversely, solidifies his spot in the main event scene.  Orton winning this one makes Punk look like he couldn’t accomplish anything without the New Nexus behind him, and it’ll take some time for the Straight Edge Superstar to recover from this loss, which is a real shame considering he’s the best entertainer in the company.

I don’t have the actual minutes and seconds in front of me, but I’d bet dollars to donuts that the total combined time of the Corre’s match and the Snooki match was less than the time of the entrances in the Triple H and Undertaker affair.  The merry band of misfits defeated the Corre in short fashion, and Snooki, Trish, and John Morrison were able to get the win over Ziggler and LayCool.  While Ziggler and Morrison would have been able to make this match bearable, they were instead never the legal participants.  Grrr.  Snooki picked up the pin, and the phrase SnookiMania was uttered more than I cared to hear it.  I still don’t understand Trish Stratus’ decision to return for this.

Meanwhile, one of my most anticipated matches on the card, Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus, was bumped from the broadcast.  It was apparently converted into a dark match, which was then turned into a battle royal, which the Great Khali won.  It’s not cool for the WWE to advertise a match for their pay-per-view, then scratch it from the show without warning.  It’s especially ridiculous when it was probably going to be one of the better matches on the card, and it makes it even more frustrating to know that the Great Khali ended up involved.

All in all, it’s pretty pathetic that WrestleMania wasn’t even better than the Elimination Chamber, and was miles behind the Royal Rumble.  At least Sunny looked good.


6 thoughts on “WrestleMania 27 Reactions

  1. Overall with the poor writing / build up to a lot of the matches lately I think the bigger focus right now should be on the belts. Having 2 of your companies 6 belts defended at your biggest PPV of the year not only diminishes their value in the fans eyes, but it is just atrocious. As atrocious as having a group you have built up as a power group on Smackdown The Corre being quickly disposed of by a makeshift team.

    • Agreed 100%. Not only were only two belts defended, but one was in the opening match, and neither one changed hands. I haven’t done anything to research the issue, but it would surprise me if this isn’t the first Mania without a title change. I was pulling for Edge and Miz both, that isn’t a complaint about them retaining specifically, but it was just an odd creative decision. And yeah, the Corre losing the way they did made no sense whatsoever. I can’t imagine how they can be reestablished as a force on Smackdown after that.

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