Yo yo yo yo yo, it's the pres-i-dent!

WrestleMania festivities kicked off in Atlanta Wednesday night with the WWE’s annual WrestleMania Art Show.  Fox Theatre’s Egyptian Ballroom was packed with superstars, divas, wrestling fans, and art enthusiasts alike for the charity auction.  The proceeds from the night benefited Children’s Heathcare of Atlanta, and many of the WWE superstars entered the event on the red carpet with honorees from the organization and Make-a-Wish kids as their dates.  Attendance was said to be around 200 people, and some pieces sold for up to $1500, so one would imagine that a sizeable chunk of change was raised for the Atlanta-based children’s health group.

WWE’s charity work is certainly admirable.  While most of us were of course unable to attend the event, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy seeing some of the art from the show.  All of the piece auctioned were created and donated by WWE superstars and divas, including JTG’s digitally edited portrait of our Commander-in-Chief above.  More of the artwork after the jump.

Vince McMahon, the Higher Power.

Curt Hawkin's, a big fan of HBK, crafted this tribute to his favorite wrestler.

Brie Bella can't get no satisfaction.

A creation of Melina's - made almost entirely of Skittles!

Well played, Beth Phoenix, well played.

Santino Marella's self-portrait in an unconventional medium.

Jerry the King sketched this picture of three generations of McMahons.

This, too, is the work of Lawler. Batman bears a striking resemblance to the artist here.

Somehow, Hornswoggle is even more ridiculous in his self-portrait.

Alicia Fox's funky design.

Another one from Melina, this time with less candy.

Zack Rider's text art, right side up, and upside down (note the signature). Pretty nifty.

Kind of hard to imagine Big Bad Zeke with a paintbrush in his hand, no?

David Hart Smith's caricature of his father and the Dynamite Kid.

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