Greatest Videos Eeeeeever: Hardcore Hijinks

Back when Jeff Hardy only used ladders to get high...

Ladies and Gentlemen, Wrestlemania is upon us! The card is solid and the stories are developed, but one thing is missing: Ladders. The ladder match tradition began at Wrestlemania X when Shawn Michaels took on Razor Ramon for the IC title. It has since evolved into Tables, Ladders and Chairs and eventually Money in the Bank. TLC and MitB have been show stealers at ‘Mania but maybe WWE feels they’ve run their course. Regardless, it’s hard to replace the intensity and excitement that a good ol’ ladder can bring to Wrestlemania. That brings us to this week’s Greatest Video Eeeeeever….

Title: !!!Best Match Ever!!! Wrestlemania 17 Tag-TLC Match
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(Complete Match Posted Below)

The Story

April 1st 2001 was an exciting day for any fan of hardcore or tag team wrestling. After the inaugural TLC match at Summerslam, a rematch was set for the grandest stage of them all, Wrestlemania. Just like the first TLC, Edge and Christian, the Dudleyz and the Hardyz would be vying for the WWF Tag Team Championship. There are always high expectations when three of the best tag teams ever step foot in the ring. When you include tables, ladders and chairs the expectations are taken to a whole new level. At Wrestlemania X-7, those 6 men delivered.

A play by play couldn’t do this match justice. Each and every blow these men dealt to one other was high impact and career threatening. The numbers swelled from 6 to 9 when an ally of each team injected themselves into the match. One team’s ally would be the difference maker in this instant classic. Jim Ross and Paul Heyman on commentary makes this one even better. So with out further adieu, here is the complete TLC Match


In 20 years of being a pro wrestling fan, no match has impressed me more than this one. Each man (and woman) had a highlight reel high spot that can be watched over and over again. This is what ‘Mania is all about….

5 of 5 Little Spike Dudleys

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