A Closet Full of Cole

This Sunday, the world is looking forward to seeing Michael Cole get what’s coming to him when he steps into the ring with Jerry “The King” Lawler.  Something tells me that whatever Lawler does to him, though, it won’t hold a candle to the ordeal Cole suffered at the hands of Heidenreich a few years back.  After abducting Cole from the announce table, the Austrian giant locked himself and his prisoner in what appeared to be a closet of forced intercourse.  Despite the not-so-subtle allusions to this being a rape in progress, Heidenreich had actually brought Cole into his dungeon to…read him a poem?  It was strange.  But it was also extremely uncomfortable for Michael Cole, I’m sure, so I figure a lot of you might be interested in revisiting the bizarre moment.  Personally, I’m hoping that Heidenreich makes his triumphant return this Sunday to assist King in giving Michael Cole a WrestleMania moment he’ll never forget.

One thought on “A Closet Full of Cole

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