Monday Night Preview, 3/28/11

Can you smell it?

Tonight is the final Raw before WrestleMania 27, and it’s probably going to be highlighted by two major face-to-face encounters.  First, The Rock will be making his first appearance in a WWE ring since his return six weeks ago.  The Great One will undoubtedly stand in the same ring as John Cena for the first time ever, and I for one would absolutely love it if The Miz was able to get the better of both of them.  Also on tonight’s show is an advertised in-ring confrontation between Triple H and the Undertaker in preparation for their match at WrestleMania this Sunday.

There are no matches confirmed for tonight’s Raw as of this writing, although it’s possible that WWE will keep the WrestleMania rematch theme alive.  I also expect The Corre to be on the show tonight for their match at Sunday’s big event to be announced.  Expect further developments in the rest of the WrestleMania feuds too.  For the second consecutive week, there will be no ROH on HDNet tonight, as it’s been preempted by college basketball.


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