Jericho > Zbyszko

Jericho > stupid Larry Zbyszko

This….this is just sad

So while I was trolling the internet earlier today, I stumbled across this gem of a video.  Its 14 minutes of the “Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko ranting on Chris Jericho.  Enjoy!!  If the link breaks, just search Last Call with Scott Hall, and do some looking.

I’m fully aware that Chris Jericho does not need my help…fair enough.  So instead, ill just rag on Larry for a bit.

The video shows a very bitter Larry talking about something Jericho mentioned in his new book.  In the book, Jericho says that Larry wouldn’t let him use his “Living Legend” nickname for a t-shirt.  I haven’t read Chris’ new book yet, but lets go ahead and assume that this is what happened.

It really is pathetic seeing a 60 year old man spew jealousy over someone 20 years younger and way more successful than he has ever been.  I’m going to take a few parts of this video and break it down , which should be easy, because in the whole 14 minutes, Larry repeats the same 3 things.

Ok, where to begin. Hall and Larry are watching the footage of a match between Hall and Jericho from WCW in the late 90s.  First, Larry says a few times that he and Hall are trying to give Jericho the rub in this particular match.  A rub, for those that don’t know, is when a main eventer works with a younger guy and helps get him over .  Now, I’m not exactly sure what Hall and Larry are seeing in this match, but it certainly is no rub.  Hall basically pounds Jericho for the whole match, lets Jericho get a fluke win, then proceeds to beat the shit out of Jericho for another 5 minutes….and THAT’s giving someone a rub?  How is that making Jericho look good exactly?  I don’t know, maybe I missed it.

More of my bitterness after the jump…

If he really wanted to help Jericho like he claims he is here, then maybe he would let him use the name Living Legend.  Bottom line is that Larry may have been in the business a long time, but he’s no legend like Flair or Hogan.  It’s a stupid little nickname he made up, and it worked.  More power to him.  But maybe you should have let someone else use it to, ya know, put someone else over.  Did you also notice how he quickly glossed over the Nature Boy topic as well?  Jericho should have said to hell with it and used the name anyway.  The fact that he didn’t shows Jericho has some respect.

Also, he’s making fun of Chris for being short, he says he’s 5’6.  I did some research (shocking I know).  Chris is “listed” at 6 feet tall, but the WWE tends to exaggerate things.  Jericho said he’s about 5’9 or 5’10, so lets go with 5’10.  Larry, the giant he is, says he’s 6 feet tall….Wow Larry, you’re a real monster.  I know that in the WWE, the big guys matter, but size isn’t everything.  Lets look at some of the best wrestlers of all time.

Jericho 5’10
Austin 6’1
Michaels 6’1
Benoit 5’11
Angle 6’0
Hart 6’1
Savage 6’2
Flair 6’1

Now a lot of great wrestlers have been taller to be sure, but taking a look at that list, it shows that you don’t have to be a huge to be a great wrestler.

And as always, I cite my sources.

I also love how Larry is telling us to listen to the pop he gets when he walks down to the ring.  Hey stupid, that doesn’t mean you know how to get over.  Fans LOVE it whenever an announcer takes his headset off.  Jerry Lawler has been doing the same thing for the last 5 years. And every time he does people eat it up.  It doesn’t take a whole lot of effort.

Plus, the NWO was the biggest thing going at the time.  I could have walked to the ring and gotten the same pop.

It’s funny to hear Larry say that Jericho doesn’t care about tradition, or the boys in the back, or giving back to the business, or any other kind of hackneyed tripe that old fossils like to spit out.  Look, I’d love to see Jericho wrestle full time, but I understand that he’s a human and wants to do new things.  I also understand that Jericho doesn’t want this to happen to him.

“In March, 2010 Zbyszko started appearing at live events for the WFX in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Shortly after his debut, he was named the interim commissioner of the promotion, and makes regular appearances. He competed in one match for the promotion thus far, teaming with Jesse Godderz (of Big Brother fame), to compete against Bushwacker Luke and Eugene Dinsmore.”

That was taken off of Larry’s Wikipedia page (so it MUST be true). Congrats Larry, your 60 years old, and still toiling on the Indy scene.  This is why I don’t mind when guys like Jericho, Rock, Cena, or JBL do other things outside of wrestling.  They want to be able to live comfortably in their old age so they don’t end up wrestling in high school gyms at 60.

How he can say Jericho is not over is beyond me.  He’s only a best selling author, TV and radio show host, actor, and musician.  That’s pretty impressive, especially since apparently no one likes him.  Maybe he’s angry that Jericho is dancing on one of the highest rated shows on TV, and he’s sitting in some drunk’s living room doing Youtube videos.

Also notice that while Larry says Jericho couldn’t get over, he’s sitting with a guy that’s probably a big reason for that.  Its no secret that Kevin Nash held Jericho down in WCW, and then told his buddy Triple H to do the same when he went to the WWE.  Maybe Larry should be praising Jericho for getting over despite all those problems.

I’ve been reading internet news and dirt sheet for years now, and not once have I heard any rumor about Jericho being a problem backstage.  On the flip side, guys like Hall, Hogan, Goldberg, Triple H, RVD, and even Austin have had well publicized problems with their companies, whether it be refusing to job or a behavioral problem.

I need Larry to stop with the “respecting the fans” angle.  That horse has been beaten to death.  He calls Jericho a younger guy, and blames him and other young guys for the problems with the business today.  Hey stupid, Jericho is 40 years old and been wrestling since he was a teenager.  I think he has respect for the business and has earned the respect of the actual younger guys in the industry.

In the end, all I want to do is call out the “Living Legend” for being so petty.  He says he doesn’t care, but maybe he is mad that he’s not in the WWE Hall of Fame (though he does have a point about how dumb it is).  Maybe he is jealous that the biggest wrestling company in the world doesn’t care about him, and doesn’t even acknowledge that he exists.  Or maybe he’s mad that he still has to wrestle on the Indy scene to make some money.  Either way, you’re 60 years old Larry.  Grow up.

I just watched this video again.  It’s…it’s just sad.

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