TNA 64

In my opinion, the best wrestling video games ever created were WrestleMania 2000 and No Mercy on the Nintendo 64.  My personal preference between the two was WM 2000, but to be honest, the games were very similar and they both stand at the head of the class as far as wrestling games go.  I don’t think I’m alone in this sentiment, and so I believe a lot of people might be interested to know that fans of the old school games are still churning out updated versions of them.  Above is a look at No Mercy modified to be a Total Nonstop Action game.  All of the guys are stunningly accurate (Suicide is the best!), and all of the women look as non-distinct as I remember them being in the n64 days.

Apparently, there’s constantly new and updated mods being made available to play games like this on your PC or Mac.  If you open the above YouTube video at take a gander the related videos, you’ll find a WWE Legend versions of the game, as well as ones that feature up-to-date player selections for the Raw & Smackdown rosters.  It’s amazing.  If you’re interested in playing these games yourself, just use google to find an emulator for No Mercy, then visit the No Mercy Zone forums and download the alterations of your choice.  Granted, I don’t game on my computer and thus have never tried to play these mods myself, so I apologize if it’s a little more complicated than I’m making it sound.  My ignorance is my excuse.  I just like to look at the pretty pictures on YouTube.

6 thoughts on “TNA 64

  1. I just picked up No Mercy for 64. Having always been a WM2000 guy, I finally grew tired of it 11 years later. No Mercy kind of blew me away when I started to create a wrestler. I found a taunt identical to Orton’s viper and my strong grapple rear finisher move is The Miz’s full Nelson facebuster.

  2. Thanks for the nostalgia. They really were awesome games. I’d play them again, but my computer’s too slow to run an N64 emulator, which is very very sad.

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