Smackdown Reactions: Christian’s Ascent

Alberto Del Rio, stunned after a rare loss.

The main event of Friday’s Smackdown saw Christian beat Alberto Del Rio in a steel cage match, and if there’s ever been a convincing case that Christian would be added to the World Title match at WrestleMania, this is it.  He won by climbing over the cage wall and reaching the floor, after somehow “holding Del Rio up” and preventing him from dropping from the side of the cage.  I don’t think Christian’s supposed prevention of Alberto dropping to the floor was actually possible as it was described, but whatever.  Christian won, and that’s always welcomed.

After the match, Edge threatened to destroy Del Rio’s car.  Given that he drives a different one to the ring during every one of his entrances makes it a little hard to believe he’d be so attached to this one, but Edge was on the verge of smashing it up none-the-less.  Brodus Clay stopped him, attacking him from behind, and keeping him down until Del Rio arrived on the stage with a steel chair.  The #1 contender delivered a Conchairto to Edge’s arm, and the show ended with Del Rio and his boys standing proud.  It’s looking more and more like Christian’s WrestleMania role will relate to the World Title match instead of the rumored Corre 8-man tag, and I couldn’t be happier about that.  More on Smackdown, including a video of the whole thing, after the jump.

  • Christian and Del Rio’s counterparts were in action to open the show, as Edge tangled with Brodus Clay.  Predictably, Edge won with the Spear.  Clay is all right in the role of Del Rio’s enforcer, but I can’t imagine ever taking his seriously as a singles competitor.  Between the King Kong Undies and that weird yell he does before hitting a high impact move, there’s just something odd about this one.
  • The United States and Intercontinental Champions faced off when Sheamus went one-on-one with Kofi Kingston.  The match was decent, although not as good as the Sheamus vs Bryan match from Monday.  The Celtic Warrior got the win, and it’s looking increasingly like his rapid fall down the card has slowed and maybe even stopped.  He looks a lot less ridiculous without that King attire too.  In other news, I can’t remember the last time Kofi Kingston won a televised match.  It’s a shame.
  • Kane and Big Show had a backstage segment before their tag team title match, and it was really dumb.  The duo grabbed each other’s throats as if to set up chokeslams, Kane told Big Show “You complete me,” and Show called Kane “one crazy man.”  This was absolutely, indisputably pointless.  And it was still MILES better than the Pope promo from last week’s Impact.
  • Cody Rhodes squashed Trent Baretta, putting him away with a shot from his protective mask.  Again, Rhodes was wrestling in slacks and a shirt.  I don’t know why his tights have been left behind, but he looks awkward wrestling in his street clothes.  Hopefully at Mania he gets back into ring gear.  He’s added a towel over his head to his entrance attire, and it’s a nice touch.  Loving his Dr. Doom gimmick right now.
  • Layla beat Kelly Kelly after a distraction from Michelle McCool.  Obligatory divas match, obligatory win for the one wrestling at WrestleMania.  Since Michelle McCool’s foot has sidelined her, I’ve kind of enjoyed Layla’s singles matches to an extent.  Look for Kelly Kelly to be in the corner of the Trish / Snooki / Morrison team at Mania.
  • Big Show & Kane had the tag titles won in a match with Heath Slater & Justin Gabriel until the rest of the Corre interfered.  The foursome dismantled the two big men.  Barrett was able to hit the Wasteland on the Show, the steel ring steps came into play, and they even dropped Big Show onto the announce table, which somehow didn’t break.  A lot of selling of Show being injured after the attack.  I’m curious to see the exact details of the Mania match that we’re clearly heading towards involving all these guys.
  • Jack Swagger went over Chris Masters in a squash match that managed to be boring despite it’s brevity.  After the match, Michael Cole got in the ring and locked Masters in the An-Cole Lock.  Cole and Swagger then circled the ring a number of times, arms outstretched, and they looked ridiculous.  I cannot wait for WrestleMania to come and go, and for this whole thing to be over.
  • Chris Jericho’s “return” to Smackdown was a video package about Dancing with the Stars.  Yuck.
  • Ted DiBiase returned to Smackdown only to job to Rey Mysterio.  Post match, Maryse walked out on her on-again off-again boyfriend.  It’s interesting to note that DiBiase returned to the Friday night show by taking on Cody Rhode’s current rival.  Could a two-man Legacy reunion be brewing?

Smackdown of course also featured a bunch of video packages and highlight reels to slow the pace of the show.  We saw Shawn Michaels’ insights on the Triple H vs Undertaker match AGAIN, and the whole Snooki angle from Monday night was covered. Edge & Christian not challenging for the tag belts as was advertised on Raw was a MAJOR disappointment, and nothing on this show really lived up to what that could have been.  It was unusual to see a WWE show at this point that didn’t feature The Rock, John Cena, Triple H, or Undertaker, although that’s not a complaint.  As long as Cody’s still getting his time every Friday, I’ll stay happy.

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