Profilin’: Daizee Haze

Daizee Haze, darling of the indy scene.

The 109-pound Daizee Haze may look like a petite, cute, and harmless girl, and for good reason.  If this is the impression you get looking at her, you’re two-thirds correct.  While she’s small-framed and certainly attractive, The Haze is most definitely not harmless.

Daizee Haze is a staple of the North American indy scene, an integral cog in the workings of more than one promotion.  Whether you know her from Shimmer, CHIKARA, Ring of Honor, or TNA, if you’ve seen Daizee wrestle, you know she’s a force to be reckoned with.  The 6-year veteran was trained by ECW alumni Kid Kash and fellow independent star Delirious, and the high-flying nature of her trainers shows through in her own ring style.  She’s quick, she’s agile, and she’s not afraid to take risks.  Because of her aerial attack, Haze has been able to upset opponents much larger than herself throughout her career.

Haze is a trainer.  She’s a valet.  She’s a hippie.  She’s a great heel.  She’s an even better baby face.  First and foremost, though, Haze is a wrestler, and her dedication to honing her ring skills shows in every one of her matches.

The hippie character that Daizee Haze usually plays is a tribute to her father, a former hippie, who passed away when she was just 15-years-old.  She broke into the business in 2002 as part of Gateway Championship Wrestling, but it wasn’t until two years later that Haze burst onto the national scene.  In 2004, she began working for IWA Mid-South and Ring of Honor.  At first, she served as the valet to Matt Sydal, better known today as WWE’s Evan Bourne.  Because she was already trained and had some professional experience in the ring under her belt, it didn’t take long for Daizee to begin wrestling in both promotions.  She blazed the trail for women’s wrestling in Ring of Honor, as prior to her competing, the promotion typically only featured male wrestlers.  She’s appeared on and off again for ROH since her debut, playing the roles of a both a face and heel during her time there.  She was once a member of Prince Nana’s Embassy, although her most memorable role in the company was probably her partnership with Delirious, one of the men who trained her.

Haze is more prominently featured in Shimmer Women Athletes, for whom she’s wrestled since the company’s inception in 2005.  Shimmer is the home to the world’s best female wrestlers, Haze being one of them.  While there, she’s stood in the ring opposite the industry’s other top women, including Amazing Kong, Cheerleader Melissa, and MsChif.  Although she’s never captured the Shimmer Title, Daizee did make it to the finals in a tournament to crown the inaugural champion, ultimately losing to Lacey.  In CHIKARA, Daizee Haze is a member of the Bruderschaft des Kreuzes, a villainous stable commonly abbreviated as the BDK.  Along with her stablemate Sara Del Rey, Haze has defeated a number of male competitors in tag team action.  The duo of Del Rey & Haze hold victories over The Osirian Portal, Mike Quackenbush & Jigsaw, and The Throwbacks.  Daizee has also appeared on episodes of TNA Impact and Xplosion over the years, spelling her name Daisy while wrestling for the Orlando-based promotion.

In the ring, Daizee Haze is about as solid as they come.  While she’s not as proficient as some of her Shimmer colleagues, she’s a more well-rounded wrestler than any of the women currently competing in the WWE’s Divas division.  Her aerial attacks, including a tilt-a-whirl headscissors, hurricanrana, and missile dropkick, may remind some of Lita’s in-ring approach.  Below the surface, though, Daizee has a deeper profile than Lita ever did.  She incorporates bridging suplexes, yakuza kicks, and some mat-based moves to diversify her arsenal.  To compliment her stoner character, some of Haze’s moves include the Mind Trip and the Tight Roller.  In addition to her wrestling prowess, Daizee is extremely charismatic and knows how to work a crowd.  Her personality is so indispensable that during a stretch when she was injured in 2008, Shimmer kept her on their shows by making her a referee.  Daizee also contributes to the business behind the curtains, as she’s the head trainer of Shimmer’s wrestling school.

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