Social Media Mania: The Ambush in Dallas

Liar Liar...

It’s a tool of the most manipulative men through out history: Propaganda. On Monday, WWE Champ The Miz joined their ranks. Before the show that night, Miz tweeted something we touched on last week, “Out of protest for not getting the recognition I deserve, I am boycotting Raw tonight.” The tweet was shown during Raw’s broadcast to explain the Miz’s absence to the non-Twitter crowd. John Cena then went on to make the greatest mistake you can make when posting online: telling your enemy exactly where you’ll be. More after the jump…

Cena hit the ring at the end of the show announcing his presence with everything short of a FourSqaure checkin. With his mind focused solely on the Rock, Cena attempted to deliver the ‘knockout blow’ he promised on Twitter. While his promo once again took shots at the Rock, the Miz had Cena exactly where he wanted him. Despite his public announcement to the contrary, Miz showed up and attacked Cena from behind. We went on to cut one of the best promos of his career reminding Cena and Rock that he is the champ, he is the Miz and he is awesome. Shortly after Raw, The Rock tweeted, “The Miz…you want my attention…well now you got it…champ.” On Wednesday Cena and Miz exchanged words online with Cena posting this “CeNation. Glad monday went how it did. I got nothing more to say bout rock. So Miz “came 2 play”? Good. I came to fight. C u mon Dauwsh.” Between the Rock and Cena’s tweets, I think it’s safe to say they’re both focused on the Miz now more than each other.

That’s the new power social media is giving to WWE. The show ended Monday with the Miz standing over John Cena’s unconscious body. But now on Friday, we know so much more about what to expect from those two and the Rock. The WWE Universe is now alive 24/7. I don’t know about you, but I love this. Wrestlemania is the biggest event of the year and I want as much story development as possible prior to the main event. Be sure to stay up to date:

John Cena on Twitter and Facebook

The Rock on Twitter and Facebook

The Miz on Twitter and Facebook

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Next week on Social Media Mania, we’ll wrap up the week in Tweets and speculate on how WWE can use social media to help develop their underwhelming midcard angles.

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