Champion of Champions, Round 1, Pt. 2

Wrestling, Pro Rasslin

The next eight competitors in our Champion of Champions Tournament

Last week, we opened the voting in the first round of our Champion of Champions Tournament, designed to determine your favorite champion of the past decade.  So far, The Rock, Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, and Edge have advanced into the second round.  This weekend, four additional former champions will join them.  Every day this week, we previewed the four first round matches that you can vote on today: John Cena vs Shawn Michaels, JBL vs Steve Austin, Brock Lesnar vs Chris Jericho, and Triple H vs The Undertaker.  Voting for these four matches will be open all weekend; the results will be posted Monday.  The tournament will continue for the next several weeks and culminate over WrestleMania weekend when the victor will be crowned.  You know the combatants.  You’ve seen the tale of the tape.  Now it’s time that you vote for you favorite champions to advance into the next round.

3 thoughts on “Champion of Champions, Round 1, Pt. 2

    • I vote for dinner is the best of all time in the wwe and besides the most handsome I am your number one fans love him more than anything in the world l sinmpre the best and nobody will beat him

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