Del Rio Stinks.

Not Really.  I just had nothing else to call it.

Just a real quick random thought here, and tell me if I’m wrong (even though if you accuse me of such atrocities I’ll quickly ignore them), but does anyone else get the feeling that the Edge/Del Rio match at Wrestlemania WON’T happen?

If I’m not mistaken, there’s about 5 more Smackdown’s before Mania to hype the match.  And yes, Del Rio smashed a guitar into Edge’s arm a while back.  Good thing he stopped doing that too; the last thing you want is to be compared to Jeff Jarrett.  And I think Edge may have attacked him for some kind of revenge.

That happened 3 years ago.

For the last month or so, Edge has been continuing his feud with Dolph Ziggler and Fatty Guererro, while Del Rio has been starting his feud with Kofi Kingston.  Del Rio and Kofi had a match at the Elimination Chamber, and it could have been a one and done deal.  But Del Rio has attacked him twice now since then.

Five weeks until Mania, and so far there’s been no real build up for one of your main events.  The Miz and Cena had a feud a while back, and its easy to build off of that.  Plus, the Miz is the brand new upstart heel champion, going against the main face of the company for the last several years.  Combined with the Miz’s ability to cut great promo’s, and Cena’s overwhelming popularity,  this storyline writes itself.  And Triple H/Taker really doesn’t need any build.  Having two of the biggest stars of all time fight each other at Mania will sell no matter what.

But what about Del Rio and Edge.  People know and love Edge.  He’s been a star for years.  But Del Rio isn’t a star with years of history like Taker or HHH.  And there’s not a long history with Edge to fall back on like Miz and Cena have.

Five weeks away, and if you watched what Edge and Del Rio are doing, you would have no idea these two are about to fight each other at the biggest pay-per-view of year.  Does anyone else think that maybe, just maybe, the WWE is having second thoughts on having Del Rio in a Mania main event?  Maybe they realized they made a mistake, and are giving themselves a way out of the match.  My conspiracy sense is tingling……

Word on the street is that Christian is still a few weeks away from being ready to compete.  However, he did wrestle a dark match on this weeks Smackdown.  I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the WWE is going to take my advice, yank Del Rio from the Main event, and put Christian in.  You could make the match between Christian and Edge for the World Title on the day of Wrestlemania, and people would jump at the chance to see it.  Don’t be shocked if we see Christian challenge Del Rio for the title shot sometime in the next few weeks.  Then have Del Rio fight Kofi Kingston and win the IC belt or whatever.

On a side note, how amazing was the Miz on Raw on Monday.  Great promo, great commentary, funny stuff with the constant interference and Twitter.  But I do hope he doesn’t have to fire A-Ri.  Those two are a good duo.

Take this Cena, MUUUHAHAHAHAHA!!!

One thought on “Del Rio Stinks.

  1. I agree man. If a guy has yet to appear in a wrestling video game, and especially if you can’t buy his T-shirt yet, chances are if he’s in the main events he’s been pushed too fast.

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