Breaking the Armstrong Curse

Oh You Didn't Know?

After Raw went off the air on Monday, announced the newest addition to the 2011 Hall of Fame Class.  Joining “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan is none other than “Bullet” Bob Armstrong.  Although he never stepped foot in a WWE ring, Armstrong’s legacy impacted the major promotions of the past twenty years.

Bob Armstrong was popular in Southern wrestling promotions, namely NWA.  After a bench pressing accident saw a weight disfigure his face, Armstrong began wrestling under a mask and calling himself The Bullet.  After extensive reconstructive surgery, Armstrong was able to lose the mask, but he retained the name Bullet.

Bullet Bob is the patriarch of the famed Armstrong wrestling family, fathering four sons who followed in their fathers’ footsteps.  Scott Armstrong currently serves as a referee on the WWE’s Raw brand.  Brad Armstrong was a WCW staple who was known for blaming “The Armstrong Curse” for his shortcomings and for his work as the hippy character Buzzkill.  Steve Armstrong wrestled breifly in WWE as cowboy Lance Cassidy.  Brian Armstrong, better known to WWE fans as Roaddogg Jesse James, was Bob’s most successful son in the wrestling industry.  Briefly, in 2005, Bullet Bob and B.G. James teamed together in TNA Wrestling.  It’s likely that his four sons will induct Bob Armstrong into the Hall of Fame this year, and Roaddogg shows here why he’d be an excellent choice to do the introduction.

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