Monday Night Preview, 2/28/11

The Rock is expected to continue his war of words with John Cena tonight.

The big story going into Raw tonight is the promised response from the Rock to John Cena.  After Cena laid the verbal smackdown on the Rock last week, Rocky will have to fire back in a big way if he hopes to keep up with the face of the current generation.  Outside of the Rock’s rebuttal, nothing is official for tonight’s Raw as of this writing.  I expect the Randy Orton vs CM Punk feud to continue, and Jerry Lawler &  Michael Cole will probably continue to tease a match at Mania, although I anticipate Cole to put off accepting the King’s challenge for as long as he can.  Triple H will almost certainly have an in-ring promo to explain his return and provide a television setup for his Mania match with Taker, which has already been made official by  I’ll be curious to see if anything comes of the Sheamus / Daniel Bryan stare-down last week.  Hopefully, the two will work a WrestleMania match together, as both of them are deserving of a spot on the card and are otherwise without stories.

On Ring of Honor, the Top Prospects tournament will roll on with three first round matches: Bobby Dempsey vs Michael Elgin, Grizzly Redwood vs Andy Ridge, and “The Prodigy” Mike Bennett vs Adam Cole.  Also on the card is a Television Title match between the Champion Christopher Daniels, who was taken to the limit by Eddie Edwards at this weekend’s 9th Anniversary show, and challenger Kenny King.

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