This Day in Rasslin’ History: Hollywood vs Hollywood

Back before the Elimination Chamber was even a twinkle in Vince McMahon’s eye, the WWE presented No Way Out every February.  At such a show, eight years ago today, The Rock met Hulk Hogan in a WrestleMania X8 rematch, but this time their roles were reversed.  Now, Hulk Hogan was a full fledged face, having abandoned his Hollywood gimmick almost a year before.  Meanwhile, the Rock was a villainous heel who was just months away from departing the WWE to pursue a career in Hollywood himself.  It made no difference though, as once again The People’s Champ laid the smackdown on the biggest icon in wrestling.  This time it took a little help from Vince McMahon and referee Sylvain Grenier (yes, that Sylvain Grenier), but The Rock has his hand raised in victory none-the-less.

As for the rest of the card…

Billy Kidman lost the Cruiserweight Title to Matt Hardy, while Triple H mercifully retained the World Championship against Scott Steiner.  In one of the more memorable matches of the night, “Stone Cold” Steve Austin utterly demolished Eric Bischoff, delivering four Stunners to the former WCW President.

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