Smackdown Preview, 2/18/11

Your new World Heavyweight Champion?

On Monday Night’s Raw, Vickie Guerrero promised that Edge would be stripped of his title and fired on this week’s Smackdown.  The title would be taken from him as a result of using the Spear last week; the job lost when Vickie exposes evidence that Edge was behind the assault on Teddy Long weeks ago.  I have my doubts that either of these events will take place, as it’s hard to imagine the title being placed around the waist of a former Spirit Squad member this close to WrestleMania.  I think most of the WWE Universe is assuming something fishy is going on here, and I for one believe that it was Ziggler and Vickie behind the attack on Teddy Long.

In addition to the Edge / Vickie / Ziggler debacle being resolved, tonight’s Smackdown is presenting a twelve man tag team match.  The bout will pit the faces from both elimination chamber matches against the heels.  The billing on the match card will look something like this: John Cena, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Edge, John Morrison, & R-Truth vs. Kane, CM Punk, King Sheamus, Dolph Ziggler, Wade Barrett, and Drew McIntyre.  The most interesting part of this match to me, as discussed yesterday, is that Barrett and Punk are teaming up despite their factions being in the midst of a war.  Also on the card is a Champion vs Champion match between WWE Champ The Miz and Intercontinental Champ Kofi Kingston.  Eve & Beth Pheonix will take on Maryse & Layla, leaving Michelle McCool with the night off.  Lastly, the Tag Team Titles will be decided when reigning champions Santino Marella & Vladamir Kozlov defend their belts against Justin Gabriel & Heath Slater of the Corre, who have gotten the better of the champs in recent weeks.

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