Where the Big Boys Play

WCW Nitro arena in SvR 2011

For any wrestling fan that also happens to play video games, the newest installment of the Smackdown versus Raw series is a must-purchase release every year, 2011 being no different.  This year’s SvR is outstanding, and it hasn’t been shy about dealing new content to its fans via download – like Lex Luger and the British Bulldog as playable characters.  Yesterday, the newest release of downloadable goodies were made available, and they’re equally impressive.  In addition to new attires for CM Punk, John Cena, Sheamus, and The Undertaker (American Bad Ass, baby!), this pack also includes a classic WCW Monday Nitro arena.  In my opinion, this new set is easily the crown jewel of the available DLC.  Look at it – it’s stunningly accurate.  With the community creations feature, you’re able to download shockingly good creations of just about any wrestler you can imagine, and now you have a WCW arena to drop them into.  Want to host a TV Title match between the Disco Inferno and Perry Saturn?  No problem!  Think you’d like to watch Harlem Heat battle Wrath & Mortis in the appropriate venue?  Done deal!  Now if only THQ would get to work on a Panama City Spring Breakout version….

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