Dead Wrestler Wednesday: Big Dick Dudley

The eldest of the Dudley clan.

Today, there is a sizable chunk of wrestling fans that remember the Dudley Boys as only a pair of brothers – Buh-Buh Ray and D-Von.  There are fans who believe that the Dudley family was composed just of these two and their stoner sibling Lil’ Spike Dudley.  The truth of the matter, however, is that the Dudley clan was once an overwhelming force in Extreme Championship Wrestling, whose numbers were as great as their character.

Alex Rizzo, better known to ECW fans as Big Dick Dudley, was one of the original Dudley Boys.  Debuting on July 1, 1995 with an impressive win over the Pitbulls, Big Dick and his brother Dudley Dudley demanded the attention of astute wrestling fans everywhere.  Soon, their stable grew to include the rest of their brothers.  All of the Dudleys were sired by the legendary Big Daddy Dudley, who was known for sowing his wild oats with an eclectic group of women whenever he’d leave Dudleyville on business.  Since Big Daddy never appeared on television, his oldest and largest son, Big Dick, was christened the family’s leader.  Maintaining peace within such a large family with such volatile personalities was not always easy, and brotherly disputes were not uncommon.

In fact, one of Big Dick Dudley’s most memorable feuds was with one of his own siblings.  The largest Dudley was part of a heated rivalry with the family’s smallest member, Lil’ Spike, for almost a full year.  Despite his imposing physique and devastating finisher (The Total Penetration), Big Dick was never quite as popular as his youngest brother and was often jeered by the crowd during their matches.  After a three and a half year tenure with ECW, the founding member of the Dudley Boys left the company.  He worked on and off with XPW throughout 2000 and 2001, even winning their World Title in his last stint with the promotion.  In May of 2002, Rizzo passed away at just 34 years old due to kidney failure.

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