2.21.11: The Second Figure

If you saw Raw this Monday, you saw the newest 2.21.11 vignette.  In it, The Undertaker was revealed as next Monday’s returning star.  However, towards the end of the promo, we see a figure in a trench coat stepping towards the house that’s been the focal point of these videos for weeks.  With Undertaker already in the house, a lot of speculation has been made to this second figure being an indication that someone else, in addition to The Phenom, will be making an appearance at next week’s Raw.  That wrestler would likely begin a program with The Undertaker to lead into WrestleMania.  If you happened to miss the promo, here it is.  You can judge for yourself if you believe this means we’ll be getting two returns instead of one.

For conversation’s sake, we’ll assume that this means we’ll be seeing two men arrive on Monday night, one of them obviously being the Undertaker. So the question is raised, who is the second man in the video?  The fact is, in terms of the video’s content, all signs point to Sting.  Word is that no agreement between WWE and Sting is in place, and I don’t even know if the two parties have been in contact.  However, the appearance of the Rock this past Monday was kept a secret, so there’s no reason to believe that WWE would be incapable of keeping news of Sting’s arrival from leaking.  In my opinion, WWE is probably still hopeful they’ll be able to secure the Stinger to fill the role and wrestle The Undertaker at WrestleMania.  If they cannot get anything finalized by Monday, I think Triple H will be revealed as the mysterious figure, and he’ll wrestle ‘Taker at ‘Mania.  I feel like this feud between Sheamus and Mark Henry that’s been brewing on Raw is a direct result of WWE not being sure what direction they’re heading in.  If Sting does indeed agree to come onboard and wrestle Undertaker, Triple H will likely face the Celtic Warrior at the Granddaddy of Them All.  However, if nothing with Sting materializes, and Triple H enters a program with The Deadman, they’ll have the Mark Henry program for Sheamus to fall back on so he won’t be left without a ‘Mania opponent.  We’ll find out in less than a week.  What do you think?

4 thoughts on “2.21.11: The Second Figure

  1. Alright, so I already blabbed my opinion on your facebook page last night, but just for incase someone else wants to give out some opinions or input of what I said I am going to copy and paste my theory here.

    Pause around 29…when the camera is panning up on the person’s body. it never goes all the way up, only half way shows his face. Look at his body, that does not look like the undertaker’s body, I’d… imagine him to have hair on his chest. Someone brought this to my attention, call me crazy or dumb. But it looks like possibly HHH body and face or Shawn Michaels. Just saying…and maybe the person outside is the undertaker at the end. Because it was his spirit in the house in the begginning noticing how he fades in and out…and the other person was in the house the whole time, and then they might be showing undertaker standing outside at the end. I don’t know, just food for thought. It can totally be something different, but it seems pretty convincing when I think about it that way. and you notice how when they get to the end of the promo and show the person standing outside, they start playing the “Aint no grave” song right at that time…like pretty much confirming that it’s Taker standing outside walking into the house and that the other person is already in the house. Just think about it…the first promo the person walked into the house, the second promo the person like faded coming into the house, it was like a spirit, like taker and they played the music. Now third promo, they show taker faded out in the window and a mysterious shadow behind him. Then they go as far as panning up that person’s body half way up his face, but never revealing his whole face, then they pan back out to the guy (WHO I BELIEVE IS TAKER) standing out in the rain, immediately as they show him standing outside the music starts playing. That just threw all my thoughts of it being Sting out the window as I noticed this. That person walking behind Taker as he fades threw the window, that shadow behind him is wearing like a cowboy hat, did Sting ever wear a cowboy hat? lol, I know I am talking alot about it, but I just wanna see what you guys think? I recall HBK wearing a hat of that sort in the past. I just know when they camera pans up on that person, that person they are showing is NOT Taker. If it was Taker, they would have panned all the way up. JMO.

    With that said, I am still sticking to my theory. You bring up a good point though, How Sheamous attacked Henry from behind last night which pretty much gave them a new plot with that. Only six more days and we will find out. Even though I no longer think it is Sting, I know there are still many out there thinking it is. I really pray for the WWE that night as for as the PG ratings go, because there are gonna be alot of “Bullsh*t” chants going on if they don’t get Sting. Hope they got their bleepers ready! LOL

    • Yeah, I’m still pulling for it to be Sting, but I think me thinking more with my heart than with my brain. Like I said when we spoke on Facebook, you are right, it does look a lot like HBK in the house. If this is some kind of DX swerve, it will be pretty crazy. Lots of credit to you if you nailed that, I haven’t seen a similar theory anywhere else. Ahhh I can’t wait for Monday night.

  2. A lot of what I see with the possibility of it being Triple H would be the inclusion of Triple H’s career vs Undertaker’s streak at WM as a way for Triple H to retire. Would he really come back for only a month just to end his career?

    • I agree with you 100% man. I’ve been seeing that a lot too, and I really can’t imagine that being the case. What sense does it make for him to return for a month, job, and retire? If he’s going to be retired six weeks from now, he shouldn’t even come back. Let Sheamus have the nod as the guy who ended his career, the Undertaker doesn’t need to get over. Really though, I can’t imagine him retiring yet.

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