2.21.11: Sting?

Is the Man They Call Sting coming to Raw?

Sting’s debut in World Wrestling Entertainment would be, without doubt, one of the most memorable moments in recent wrestling history.  To see the Venice Beach native standing in a WWE ring would be an exciting and surreal moment, not unlike the in-ring confrontation between Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels on Raw last year.  Of all the possible outcomes to the 2.21.11 saga, the appearance of the man they call Sting would easily be the most awe-inspiring.

The likelihood of Sting showing up on WWE programming is a point of contention that varies greatly depending on where you get your information.  According to reliable sources within the company, WWE has yet to contact the Stinger about joining the organization.  Conversely, the people in charge over at TNA Wrestling are said to be of the belief that Sting heading to Connecticut is almost a certainty. Regardless of what you believe, there are some reasons to consider Sting as a possibility.  Despite the use of “Ain’t No Grave” in the in the newest vignette (which seems to hint at the Undertaker), the content of video itself seems to be more reminiscent of Sting than it does any other wrestler.  It closely resembles the ’97 Starrcade promo, which was Sting-centric. And with WrestleMania being in Atlanta this year and WWE wanting to adopt a WCW theme for the event, the in-ring debut of the former WCW poster boy would be a gigantic draw for the card.  If Sting does indeed begin working for Vince McMahon for the first time in his career, a number of dream matches which until this point were unfathomable will surely be held.  Most notably, a match pitting Sting and the Undertaker against each other seems like an inevitability, perhaps even at WrestleMania.  Matches with Kane, HHH, Edge, and CM Punk seem likely, while contests with up-and-comers John Morrison and Daniel Bryan would certainly also be welcome.  Unfortunately, I’m sure I’m not the only one that will forever pine for the now impossible Sting Vs Shawn Michaels match-up.

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