2.21.11: Tyler Black?

2.21.11 could mark Tyler Black's WWE debut.

A dark horse candidate to be sure, current WWE developmental talent Tyler Black (who we profiled here last week), is a possible answer to the question of who’s coming on 2.21.11. Presently toiling away in FCW, Black is very close to being called up to the main roster.  When he does debut, it’s not known what ring name he’ll be using or what his character will be like, but we’re on the verge of finding out.  He may hit the scene as Seth Rollins, a moniker that he’s used during his stay in Florida, but it should be noted that he was introduced as Sam Robins during a dark match prior to a Smackdown taping in December.  Regardless of what the WWE chooses to call him, Black will probably make a considerable splash upon arrival.

While the debut of an established star would surely generate a bigger buzz among WWE fans, it could serve the company well to use this opportunity to add a fresh face to their upper tier talent pool.  By having the 2.21.11 vignettes result in the first appearance of somebody new to the WWE audience, that wrestler would be automatically catapulted into the spotlight.  This could be a way for the WWE to establish a new, solid, upper mid-card character without having to invest their time in pushing them through a series of matches, similar to how they established Alberto Del Rio in his pre-debut video packages.  If thrust into this position, I think Tyler Black is capable of holding his own.  If Black is entrusted with this incredible display of faith from WWE management, the former Ring of Honor champion could find himself as an odds on favorite to become 2011’s Mr. Money in the Bank, or facing off with John Morrison in what would be a Match of the Year candidate at WrestleMania. 

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