The Diesel Dilemma

Kevin Nash as Diesel during his almost-year-long WWE Title reign.

If you saw the Royal Rumble on Sunday, you surely saw the return of Kevin Nash to World Wrestling Entertainment and the unbelieveable reaction he generated.  His return to a WWE ring was reported to be a one-shot deal, as evidenced by his less-than-impressive performance in the Rumble match.  However, given the ovation he received, one has to wonder if his return will result in a longer tenure than anticipated.

Nash looked to be in better shape than he’s been in recent years, and his abandonment of his natural grey color worked wonders in making him look younger (and more intimidating.)  Hell, he didn’t even injure his knee.  The big man made no bones about his wishes.  “Absolutely the best night in my wrestling career,” Nash tweeted.  “As long as WWE will have me in a wrestling capacity and my body can handle it, I will wrestle.”  There’s also some evidence that those in power at WWE are contemplating using him more than they had planned.  According the sources, the stare down between Diesel and The Big Show was not originally booked, but instead was an audible called by Vince McMahon himself (and relayed to Nash by the referee after his elimination), after hearing the hot crowd reaction.  So, if the WWE chooses to keep Big Sexy around for a little while, just how will he fit into their plans.  Speculation on what Diesel’s role could be in the coming weeks and into WrestleMania after the jump.

The most natural progression, assuming Nash sticks around, would be a program with The Big Show.  The seeds were planted after Nash was eliminated from the Royal Rumble, when he engaged in a stare down with Show that sent chills down the spines of nostalgic Nitro fans.  Staying on the topic of the Royal Rumble, the chemistry between Diesel and Wade Barrett was also tangible.  I’m sure the WWE would love to put Barrett over at WrestleMania, a luxury they won’t have should he face Undertaker, as current plans call for.  However, up against Nash, the problem of jobbing Barrett becomes a non-factor.  Another possibility, should they keep Diesel involved with the rest of the big men, would be a multi-man match, be it a 3-way dance or a 4-corners match.  If Undertaker is not 100% entering WrestleMania, WWE officials could lighten his load by putting him in a match with multiple opponents who can do most of the work.  A Fatal Four Way between Taker, Diesel, Show, and Kane seems a likely way to keep Taker and the fragile Nash on the card without burdening them with having to carry a match themselves.  It also gives the otherwise angle-less Big Show and Kane spots on the annual big event, and succeeds in making Taker’s streak appear to be in peril.

Another, more outside the box possibility involves the Triple H / Sheamus program that will undoubtedly be resumed when The Game returns from his current injury-caused hiatus.  Similarly to Undertaker, Triple H may not be completely healthy by the time WrestleMania rolls around, but WWE will surely want to include him on the card.  Is it that far fetched to believe that Triple H could team with kliq-mate Kevin Nash to take on Sheamus and his new partner in the Celtic Connection, Drew McIntyre?  McIntyre once seemed in line for a big push, but has since fallen through the cracks.  Could WWE use this opportunity to solidify him in the upper-midcard by placing him in a high-profile match at WrestleMania with two future Hall of Famers?  I don’t see why not.

If Diesel doesn’t figure to wrestle more, it seems remiss of the WWE to remove him from their programming completely.  Could he resume his role as a body guard for a smaller, heel wrestler struggling to get over?  Maybe fill the void left by Jackson Andrews as Tyson Kidd’s heavy?  Only time will tell.  What do you think will become of Diesel during his final run on the grand stage?

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